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RFID Placement: HeadlightSticker Rule of Thumb

In Support by Raymond Jackson

We’ve covered how important it is that the angle between your RFID credential and the antenna is, by far, the most important factor to successful reads. Where sticker placement is concerned, here are the guidelines: Stickers must be placed horizontally. Don’t mount HeadlightStickers™ diagonally or vertically. It looks bad, and it won’t work. The two inch rule is easy enough, and …

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Automatic Vehicle Identification Methods

In Features by Raymond Jackson

Speed, security, efficiency, and ease of access are all fundamental components of a gated system. If you reflect on how long it takes to get into your average gated community or access-controlled parking garage, you spend a lot of time waiting to trigger the gate. For locations that see a lot of traffic, automatic vehicle identification (AVI) can prevent traffic …