Apartment Driveway Gates are Actually a True Nightmare

In Features by Raymond Jackson

Apartment Driveway Gates Bridge Security and Convenience

Apartment driveway gates are befitting advancements in Headlight stickers with long-range RFID. Consider apartment driveway gates as a queue where vehicles line up. Think about 8:00 a.m. in the morning or 5:00 p.m. in the afternoon, in the early evening, when folks are coming back from work. You line up in a queue and proceed the traditional way.

Accidental Unauthorized Access

With clickers, there’s a vehicle in front of the apartment driveway gates, and you assume that that car is having trouble with the clicker. So you click, you assume they’re clicking, and your click grants both of you access. What you may not realize is that you actually let somebody into the community that doesn’t live there. And it may have been somebody who shouldn’t be there at all.

Headlight Stickers to the Rescue

Here’s where Headlight Stickers help. When vehicles line up at the apartment driveway gates, the system prevents one sticker from opening the gate for another car. Given that, either they have a valid sticker or the gate won’t open. The clicker method and inevitable user error provide access to the wrong people. Headlight Stickers and all long-range RFID are the antidotes to that.

Ease of Use

Headlight Stickers are easy to use with apartment driveway gates since the technology has a set range. Remember, a clicker transmits radio frequencies in every direction at a random distance. So if you’re sitting at a gate and I pull up behind and click my clicker, the gate will open in front of you, letting us both in.

Apartment Driveway Gates

Headlight Stickers won’t do that since they are directional. The transmission between the Headlight Sticker reader is directional. So if another vehicle pulls up and I pull up behind with a Headlight Sticker, my sticker won’t open the gate for them. Either they’ll need to turn around and let me come up and open the apartment driveway gates, or I’ll have to deal with it some other way. So if that means I got to back up to let them out. From a security point of view, we’re not allowing vehicles that don’t belong there.

A Long-Term Solution

Apartment driveway gate solutions are often very short-sighted and have significant limitations. These include proximity cards at apartment communities, condominiums or high-rises. Drivers must roll down their window in bad weather and line their arm with the proximity reader. They must then trigger the apartment driveway gates to open, pull their arm back and finally drive through the gate. If that’s not driving distracted, I don’t know what is.

No More Limitations

That’s a significant limitation. Consider clickers for a second. If it transmits radio waves in all directions, it’ll read cars in front and might stay open for cars behind. Headlight Stickers identify vehicles with precision without distractions since there’s no interaction. So they pull up to the apartment driveway gates, the gate welcomes them home with no driver effort. No more drivers hitting the curb, gate, a car a pedestrian since they’re focused only on driving. Drive up to the apartment driveway gate with your sticker, allow it to open, and go about your business.