Apartment Gate: How to Have Safe and Happy Tenants

In Features by Raymond Jackson

Apartment Gate: Riding the Wave of Innovation

Apartment gate technology innovation utilizes individual identification information. This information pertains to vehicles and their drivers. Our company, “Headlight Stickers”, is a natural extension of this innovation. Let’s take a step back, and paint a broader picture of innovation in this industry.

Oftentimes, clickers are the go-to solution when it comes to apartment gate technology. This falls under the category of “legacy technology”, such as garage door remotes. Clickers use DIP technology to switch between controlled settings. To make this easier. Think about a numerical code that when in the right sequence opens your garage. Due to a lack of individual identification, zero information exists in regards to what car entered that apartment gate. They only know that a garage remote with the right DIP switch setting was present, and thus, the apartment gate opened.

Driver Interaction

Everyone would agree that distracted drivers are a danger. There exist many states that have enacted legislation to prevent distracted drivers. You might be familiar with some of these laws. They include, but are not limited to :

  • Legislation against talking on your cell phone,
  • Legislation against texting and driving, and
  • There even exist legislation in regards to eating while driving.

Needless to say, we can’t do a lot while driving without the police department getting involved. Hence, this is why legislation has passed to discourage driving distractions.

Individualized Vehicular Identification

This provides information such as :

  • The make and model of the incoming vehicle,
  • When the vehicle arrived, and
  • The approximate times the vehicle was accessible during those days and times.

Simple Ways To Decrease Apartment Security Costs

The issue is when people have been here before and retain their access. Meaning that they may have lived here last year but no longer have apartment gate access. Where Headlight Sticker shines is the ability to say, “That driver’s on a current lease” or, “That driver currently lives here.” For that reason, they’re able to come into the apartment gate at any particular day and time. This is what a sophisticated managed access control solution does. The software behind the Headlight Sticker identifies the driver and the vehicle. So they’re able to come in on a date and time when they’re able to get access granted.

There’s a sure-fire way to reduce apartment gate maintenance cost. Can you guess it? Use Headlight Stickers. Furthermore, the rationale is that you WILL SAVE money.

Most likely you’re paying for either:

  • A gate maintenance company,
  • Handymen, or
  • Property management staff.

All these options change the DIP switch settings to the apartment gate.

Now, why would you do that? We do that because clickers aren’t an individualized identification method. As mentioned, you don’t know who used that apartment gate remote. You know that a remote with the right DIP switch settings was present. The only real way to maintain that kind of system is to change the DIP switch setting at the apartment gate. Consequently, this means that 300 – 500 units, or 1,000 of your residents are inconvenienced when that code changes. Due to the need for every single one of their apartment gate remotes or their clicker codes needing to change.

Making Your Customers Happy Saves You Time

With that level of effort, we all know that those apartment gate clicker codes don’t get changed very often if ever. That translates into people who continue to have access to the community for years beyond them even living there. Meaning your pools, clubhouses, fitness facilities, and other amenities are being accessed by non-residents. People who don’t pay for these services. These services and amazing amenities are what draw in residents. It draws people into continuing to come there even when they don’t live there anymore. The concept of maintenance costs includes improper use of assets.

Apartment Gate

With Headlight Stickers you can reduce this maintenance cost from your list of expenses. If a driver or vehicle is no longer associated with a current lease we can turn of that exact headlight sticker. You can do this through your managed access control software. You log in, take that user out, and now they no longer have access. Gone are the days of having to go into your receiver and change those DIP switch codes. As a result, you will no longer have to reissue new controllers to every person that lives there. Hence, you save time by not needing to get a hold of every apartment gate clicker and changing the codes. Those days are gone and those costs are gone, too.

Why Apartment Security Guarantees Happy Customers

Improving tenant satisfaction is one of the things that customers of Headlight Sticker love. An example of such are the Irvine Company and Toll Brothers. We know it takes a lot of resources to maintain amenities. The goal of Headlight Sticker is to improve tenant and resident satisfaction. We want them to experience a happy stay. We want them to feel at home. Therefore, people that reside in high-density living environments expect to have an amazing experience. They don’t live there by accident. They live there because they want somebody else to take care of it.

Headlight Sticker seeks to ensure that every interaction within their living space is enjoyable. Every time they come home through the apartment gate or into that parking garage, they get welcomed home. With zero interactivity, no effort necessary, no button. The apartment gate welcomes them home. All you have to do is drive up. You don’t have to think about it. Forget needing to push a button. Forget needing to open your window in the rain. You don’t have to hang your arm out and try to line up with some key fob reader. All you have to do is pull up to the apartment gate.

We want you to focus on your drive. We need you to focus on the car in front of you. You get to focus on the apartment gate. You get to focus on the pedestrian. The things that matter most, and in the process get welcomed home.

Finally, I can’t think of a better way to help resident satisfaction than beginning at the apartment gate. We want that experience to be profound. Above all, we want it to be very welcoming, and Headlight Stickers does this best.