Legacy clickers compromise security because they are easily lost, stolen, transferred, or duplicated. Secure your community with HeadlightStickers!

The Problem with Entry Clickers

In Features by Raymond Jackson

Don’t Use Clickers – Use HeadlightStickers™!


Legacy clickers were pretty cool back in 1977.

Using a piece of technology called a dip switch, legacy clickers were an easy way to open a door. If you bust open your old garage door clicker, in many models you will actually see a series of twelve tiny switches, each up or down.

Legacy vehicular entry clickers used  dipswitch technology, which is easily defeated.

This leads to some problems. First, there is a hard limit on the amount of combinations possible. If you take your legacy clicker, hold the button, and drive around, you’ll probably open someone’s garage door by chance before your battery runs out. Our lawyers advise us to warn you not to do that.

Worse yet is that it’s really easy to copy or clone the signal. And even worse than that, many legacy remote implementations still utilize the factory default pattern. I won’t say what that pattern is here, but crafty criminals might Google it.

Lastly, in addition to being easily duplicated and not secure at all, they can easily be lost, stolen, or deliberately transferred to invalid users. And when that happens, you have only one option: to let that clicker be an open security vulnerability for as long as you have that clicker system.

Each individual HeadlightSticker™ has a different code, allowing site administrators to manage their users. When a resident moves out or an employee quits, you don’t have to take the sticker back: just deactivate their code in your access management software. Even better, as a security measure, stickers are rendered ineffective upon removal. What that means is that stickers can’t be lost or stolen, or transferred to unknown users. Every access request to your community originates from the vehicle you placed that sticker on. And that’s invaluable.

Don’t be a dip switch. Use HeadlightStickers!™

Integrates seamlessly with access management platforms for effortless access control!