Clickers vs Stickers: How Vehicular RFID Measures Up

In Features by Raymond Jackson

How does HeadlightSticker™ stack up to other vehicular entry methods?

When the time comes to install a system of vehicular access control, you have a lot of options: Legacy clickers, Wiegand remotes, keypads, keyfobs, keycards, license plate recognition… and then you have HeadlightStickers™. How does vehicular RFID measure up to all of the other choices out there?

Here’s a handy chart.

HeadlightStickers™: The Clear Winner

Because HeadlightStickers™ are nearly transparent, “clear winner” is a pun, and I apologize.

  Legacy Clickers Wiegand Remotes Keypads & Cards License Plate Recognition Headlight Stickers™
Unique Identification
Automatic Entry
Quick Entry
High Success Rate

Why do these categories matter?

  • Unique Identification

    Access control depends entirely upon information. But with legacy clickers, every entry request looks the same, so you cannot selectively grant and deny access, nor can you detect devices that have been duplicated or thought to be lost years ago.

  • Battery Free

    Batteries are terrible for the environment and represent a recurring expense for users and property managers.

  • Non-Transferable

    Even a uniquely identifying Wiegand remote or keyfob can be misused to enter your community if stolen or deliberately transferred to an invalid user.

  • Automatic Entry

    It’s nice to be able to go home without fumbling for the clicker, swiping a card, or typing in a password.

  • Quick Entry

    Slowdowns at the gate are the worst. Keypads and keycard systems require vehicles to stop and swipe. License plate recognition usually has a several second processing delay for each plate, meaning vehicles have to stop as well.

  • High Success Rate

    If anything, vehicular entry needs to be consistent. With license plate recognition, you will have issues caused by trailer hitches, weather conditions, and sunlight or shadows at certain times of the day. We advocate installing license plate recognition systems as security measures, not for access control.

What about windshield-based RFID stickers?

So sure, vehicular RFID is definitely the way to go, but what about those windshield tags you see all over the place?

Upon request we do provide Windshield Stickers, which will work much like HeadlightStickers™ would. They’re pretty good too. But there are a few caveats to consider, however:

  1. Windshield RFID tends to not perform as well as HeadlightStickers™ because there is a layer of partially reflective glass that interrupts the signal.

  2. Windshields containing metal oxide may entirely block a radio frequency signal.

  3. For those with aesthetic concerns, keep in mind that it’s easier to remove adhesive residue from the headlight than from the inside of a windshield.

  4. WindshieldSticker doesn’t sound as cool as HeadlightSticker™.

And what about the bottom line?

It may sound like a super fancy sci-fi technology, but when it comes to the bottom line, HeadlightStickers™ are cost competitive with most legacy clickers. If you know us at all, you know our stance on legacy clickers. Clicker users always incur recurring battery expenses, and when it comes to ordering in bulk (say, for a community) it’s way cheaper to ship a few hundred nearly weightless stickers than a few hundred plastic clickers.

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