Dealing In Headlight Stickers Is The Future of A Bright World

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Dealing in Headlight Stickers

Dealing in headlight stickers is becoming very popular! In fact, Dealers everywhere are making the switch to vehicular RFID. This includes headlights, stickers, and managed access.

Dealing in Headlight Stickers – Protek Integration Inc

How do they work?

Vehicular RFID is to your vehicle what a key fob is to a person. It identifies the vehicle among all other vehicles out there. In short, headlight stickers are the next generation of vehicular RFID devices.

Headlight stickers are invisible, resistant to water, sun damage and even minor impacts. Since they are nontransferable there is a longterm relationship with the end-user.

dealing in headlight stickers

The Future is RFID

Also, dealer incentives run up to three times that of legacy clickers. The first generation RFID systems were difficult for staff to configure, resulting in longer service calls and trained technicians needed for basic issues. But, the headlight sticker reader got designed to make installation and service simple. For this reason, technicians no longer need weeks of training and annual refreshes. In fact, they don’t even need a laptop. So, start dealing in headlight stickers today!

Why Headlight Stickers?

The headlight sticker reader’s self adjust based on local site conditions. As a result, the system can be deployed in minutes and often serviced without even rolling a truck. So take the next step by using your headlights sticker system to the access platform. Add or disable users, open doors, run reports, and more from any web-enabled device.

Ready to get started dealing in headlight stickers? Pump up your sales fast with our marketing collateral. This includes stickers, sales sheets, and videos for you and your team. Send us your logo and we’ll take care of the rest. Welcome to the future of vehicular access control. We look forward to your call.

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Remember, don’t use clickers, use headlight stickers.