Gate Clickers Really Do Fail to Protect Your Community

In Features by Raymond Jackson

Gate Clickers and Long-Term Risk

There are many long-term security concerns around gate clickers. The key phrase is “long-term”. This is because gate clickers work for as long as those codes stay the same in the gate. You and I both know that changing these gate codes is a huge pain.

But why is it a pain? This is due to the fact that you need a maintenance person or an integrator to recode the gates. Also, every single family that lives in that community will need to receive a new remote. Or you have to get their gate clickers and change the code. (For readers “remote” and “gate clickers,” are interchangeable terms). So, every family has gate clickers for each vehicle there. Sometimes a family might have two or three or more vehicles. Every one of those vehicles has gate clickers. Also, every one of those gate clickers has a code, and all those codes are the same.

Why Gate Clickers Are Outdated

As mentioned, these codes are the same and don’t change. But why? It’s because none of the involved parties want to be inconvenienced. These parties include the property manager, the owner, and the tenants. As a result, the codes remain stagnant. This includes tenants that move out of:

  • High rise
  • Condo, or
  • Single-family homes with gated entry.

Their gate clickers will continue to work for years to come. There are many communities out there, which are over ten years old, and those clicker codes are all the same. Luckily, Headlight Stickers provide the ideal solution to this problem. This is because Headlight Stickers allow you to identify every vehicle and owner. All the vehicles remain identified. This a feature that gate clickers can’t perform. If you put a Headlight Sticker on that vehicle your managed access control allows you to turn that Headlight Sticker on and off. This means that the day after someone moves out, you can turn that Headlight Sticker off.

Gate Clickers

Headlight Stickers are a natural replacement for gate clickers. That’s because Headlight Stickers identify the individual vehicles. And gate clickers do not. Headlight Stickers don’t need driver interaction, while gate clickers do. And if you think about Headlight Stickers you most likely think:

  • “That’s an amazing technology,” and
  • “They must be expensive.”

The answer is that they’re less expensive than gate clickers! They’re a no-brainer solution. Plus, there’s no driver interaction necessary. For example, when you pull up to a gate. A clicker would need you to find the clicker, push the button, open the window, and use a key fob reader. Unlike clickers, Headlight Stickers allow you to turn the vehicle sticker on and off. So if they move in on a Friday, their tag starts working that same day.

The Benefits of Ditching Your Gate Clickers

Another way that integration dealers can help their customers mitigate costs is to become informed. It’s my understanding that clickers are available at Home Depot. I could go to Home Depot. Open up the clicker. Take the clicker that I got from Home Depot. Click the clicker that I have now that works. And finally, click the program button in the Home Depot remote, and now they’re the same. And I can give that to a vendor of mine, my friend, my girlfriend, or a family member, and now everybody has access. So, there’s a total lack of control in the clicker technology arena.

So, be sure to ask, “what’s the cost of…”:

  • enforcement?
  • people coming in and using my amenities who don’t even live here?
  • people coming into my community whom I don’t even know?

Resulting in zero logistics whatsoever to the people that are coming in. That is part of that cost basis that we need to be mindful about transitions. And let me remind you. Headlight Stickers are identical to the cost of your existing clicker technology. But you get the ability to identify vehicles, dates, times. You can turn them off from anywhere. And, you can turn them off if somebody moves out. You can turn them on at a delayed date. Meaning if there’s a vacation kind of situation. And you want to to have somebody use a sticker for a few weeks. This is possible. And that’s all part of the cost basis to consider. And that’s ways how an integrator can help their customers mitigate those costs.