HeadlightSticker™ Transponder

The HeadlightSticker™ is the top shelf  RFID transponder, purpose-built for external vehicular application and vehicular identification.

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Our genuine HeadlightSticker™ tags are non-transferable passive RFID transponders for automatic vehicular identification.

  • Each sticker is powered with energy from the reader
  • Battery-free
  • Upon removal, it is rendered ineffective to prevent theft or unauthorized transfer or sharing of credentials
  • Individually adhered to backing – no more worries about breaking stickers as you peel them off of a roll
  • Come in a box that fits nicely in your desk – no bulky and inconvenient rolls to deal with
  • Weather resistant so you can rely on them in any climate
  • Expect more responsiveness from your existing RFID system since metallized windshields are no longer a factor