Don't Use Clickers, Use HeadlightStickers!™

Vehicular RFID has never been easier to implement. Use HeadlightSticker™ or Windshield based tags, to change the way vehicles access your facilities.

Vehicular RFID: Secure & Responsive Entry.

HeadlightSticker delivers top quality RFID credentials and readers, PURPOSE BUILT for vehicular access control.

Our system was designed from the ground up for ease of deployment and management.

Learn how a simple sticker on your headlight forever changes vehicular access control.

Don’t Use Clickers, Use Headlight​Stickers!™


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Why Headlight​Stickers?

Responsive Access

HeadlightStickers™ use lightning fast radio frequency identification (RFID) to work without user input. This reduces vehicular entry time by over 80%. Compare entry methods!

Secure Technology

Tags are non-transferable. Tampering with the HeadlightSticker™ renders the tag inoperable, which prevents access sharing and theft. See why RFID stickers should be ineffective upon removal.

The Plug&Go Reader™

The state-of-the-art Plug&Go Reader™ automatically adjusts to site conditions. Reduce your installation time and service costs.

Access Control

HeadlightStickers™ effortlessly integrate with nearly any access control software. Like a keyfob for your car.

Weather Resistant

HeadlightStickers™ are purposefully designed for long-lasting exterior use. They resist water, sun damage, and minor impacts.

More Responsive RFID

Windshield RFID is commonly blocked by metallized windshields. Instead, mounting RFID on the headlight dramatically increases success rates. Best Antenna Placement

The Plug&Go Reader

No programming required. Set it and forget it.

Don't Use Clickers, Use HeadlightStickers!™

Introducing the Plug&Go Reader™

Self-Tuning Reader

Set it and forget it! No laptop or programming required for deployment.

Native 26-bit Wiegand

The reader interfaces with your access controller just like a keyfob reader would, and is just as easy to install.

Low Mount Point

With HeadlightSticker™ RFID, the antenna can be as low as 30″, making for easier and better-looking installations.

Long Range

Standard 9dB antenna reads RFID HeadlightStickers™ up to 40 feet away.

Reads 3M-4100 Credentials

Having trouble replacing your discontinued 3M/Sirit 4100 reader system? Ours is compatible with its existing tags.

Up to 4 Lanes with One Reader

One reader unit supports multiple antennas simultaneously.

How low can you go?

No more overhead antenna mounting.
The antenna works great at headlight height.
It’s not only an easier install, but it looks better, too.

Don't Use Clickers, Use HeadlightStickers!™

Purpose Built

The Plug & Go Reader™ is the first RFID reader of its class, purpose built from the ground up for vehicular access control. 

Other vehicular RFID readers have adapted industrial or toll road technology. This requires precise antenna calibration, and complex workarounds to convert the signal into one that access control software can read.

The Plug & Go Reader™ natively speaks the language of access control software. No more translation files, conversion devices, or other potential points of error.

Better still, the reader continuously self-adjusts to respond to wireless conditions. So installing a top-notch vehicular RFID system no longer requires a highly trained technician, confusing software, a sixty page programming manual, and extremely patient customers. Installation doesn’t even require a laptop. 


With windshield RFID, the antenna had to be mounted above the vehicle. Not so with HeadlightStickers, which work great at headlight height.

Global Compatibility

The Plug&Go Reader™ is compatible with most existing access control systems and software, making for an easy transition. Because it natively outputs globally compatible 26-bit Wiegand, you won’t need external converter devices or convoluted workarounds.

Compatible systems include, but are not limited to:

Compatible with any Wiegand-based access control system. Pair it with your favorite platform—from legacy systems to modern, cloud-based access control software!

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