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RFID Tags & Readers

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Don't Use Clickers, Use HeadlightStickers!™

Are you tired of long lead times, complicated installations, and inconsistent support?


HeadlightStickers™ are distributed directly through our network of certified dealer-installers. There's no middle man!

Why HeadlightStickers?


RFID technology reduces vehicular entry time by over 80%.


Tampering renders the tag inoperable. No more access sharing and theft.


Automatically adjusts to site conditions. Reduce your installation time and service costs.


Integrates with nearly any access control software.


Purposefully designed for long-lasting exterior use – water, sun, and impact.


Headlight RFID dramatically increases connection success rates.

The Plug&Go Reader™

No programming required. Set it and forget it.


No laptop or programming required for deployment.

Native 26-bit Wiegand

Interfaces with your access controller just like a keyfob reader.

Low Mount Point

The antenna can be as low as 30″, making for easier and better-looking installations.

Long Range

Standard 9dB antenna reads up to 40 feet away.

Reads 3M-4100

Compatible with 3M/Sirit 4100 reader system tags.

4 Lanes

One reader unit supports multiple antennas simultaneously.

Global Compatibility

The Plug&Go Reader™ is compatible with most existing access control systems and software, making for an easy transition. Because it natively outputs globally compatible 26-bit Wiegand, you won't need external converter devices or convoluted workarounds.

Compatible systems include, but are not limited to:

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