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Readers and Credentials

Access control for vehicles or asset tracking

Hardware built by an integrator to solve real life problems with premium RFID Readers and credentials

Fast, accurate, and fully automated entry control solution

HeadlightSticker™ premium RFID readers and credentials are distributed directly through our network of certified dealers

Purpose built for
access control


Read Range

  • Increases design flexibility
  • Improves traffic efficiency
  • Enhances real-time tracking



  • Native 26-bit Wiegand
  • Lower installation costs
  • Increases scalability



  • Efficient order process
  • Reduces lead time
  • Minimum downtime

Why technicians love the HeadlightSticker™ RFID Reader

Dealer direct

Dealer Partners that work directly with us get the benefits of cost savings, faster communications and response, direct access to our technical expertise, bypass distribution constraints, and build a direct, singular relationship. Our goal is to cut out your confusion, and offer you superior products without costing you more.

Simple, fast

The Long Range PlugNGo™ RFID Reader does it all for you, saving you time and energy during the install.

Reader is programmed and self-tunes, so there are no more laptops needed for installation or calibration. The reader interfaces with the access control panel directly like any other key fob reader.

Multi-protocol support

HeadlightSticker™ is authorized by 3M to read their 4100 system transponders, and program our RFID readers to read their existing transponders.

Avoid making 10,000

enemies a day

When, not if, the gate malfunctions, every second counts.

Lightning storms are the number one cause for hardware malfunctions in our industry, and if the hardware isn’t protected, almost everything will need to be replaced (even RFID readers can’t survive a lightning strike).  The gate is down until the hardware gets replaced.

Every person that drives through that gate feels the inconvenience and frustration of the gate being down (and we all know that they don’t frustrate silently). So being able to contact HeadlightSticker™ directly and get the replacement shipped overnight, so it can be installed next day, can short circuit everyone’s frustrations.


All of our Dealer Partners are onboarded through our training program that walks them through design, installation, and troubleshooting the products in order to avoid the most common issues onsite.

If our Dealers Partners run into any issues beyond their training, our team is at the ready to assist.

Advance replacements

Never leave your customer’s site inoperable. Our advance replacements can be in your hands the next day.


Why is HLS more expensive? You pay for what you get – what would you pay not to get stuck at the gate? For “3 cups of coffee”, wouldn’t you want a reliable product that doesn’t quit after 3 months?


The Long Range PlugNGo™ RFID readers natively output the globally compatible 26-bit Wiegand, so you won’t need the external converter or convoluted workarounds. 

Global Compatibility

The Plug&Go Reader™ is compatible with most existing access control systems and software, making for an easy transition. Because it natively outputs globally compatible 26-bit Wiegand, you won’t need external converter devices or convoluted workarounds.

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HeadlightSticker™ Dealer

Our Dealer Partners enjoy the flexibility and favorable terms that are available to them by working directly with us. We are here to support your growth and success.

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