Frequently Asked Questions

The Plug&Go Reader™ is compatible with most existing access control systems and software, making for an easy transition. Because it natively outputs globally compatible 26-bit Wiegand, you won't need external converter devices or convoluted workarounds.

The Plug&Go Reader™

It self adjusts continually based on local wireless conditions. So while a previous generation RFID reader had to be delicately tuned for its site and adjusted to changing site conditions, the Plug&Go Reader™ handles it all for you.

System Compatibility

In many cases, yes. The reader natively understands 26-bit Wiegand protocol RFID devices: the universal language of access control. While this protocol is a huge standard, some RFID dealers opt to encrypt their tags with proprietary formats to force you to keep buying their readers. So if you intend for our reader to replace a different reader model, we always recommend that you send us a sample tag that we can test for compatibility.

About Vehicular RFID

“Ineffective upon removal” is a powerful security feature. Read here for more.

Access sharing is the most common preventable method of unauthorized access. Of course some end users will miss being able to transfer their access credential between multiple vehicles. But they will also appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that a bad guy can’t steal the tag from their headlight to gain access to their home or workplace.

We recommend always keeping a few extra stickers on hand for quick resolution in case a user needs it for a new vehicle, or if a sticker is stolen.

The sticker is designed to break upon removal, thereby rendering it ineffective. Don’t worry – it’s easy to remove the leftover sticker.

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