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Discover a wealth of knowledge articles for long range RFID systems. Explore relevant articles and insightful information to understand the basics when it comes to long range RFID credentials and RFID readers, application tips, maintenance, and more.

What’s the REAL read range for
RFID credentials?

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The HeadlightSticker™ Story

We have the 3M 4100 Series to thank for our beginning. Our company started out in service and installations that grew to be one of the top access control integrators in Southern California. In 2017, when 3M discontinued their 4100 series RFID reader, we had to come up with a solution for our customers.

With the support of 3M, we customized and designed our own RFID reader with vehicular access control in mind. We had all these years of installing and troubleshooting RFID readers, and could build an RFID reader that would solve the problems our technicians experienced everyday.

When building our transponders, we wanted them to read further, last longer, and have a purposefully sleek design. Every detail mattered, from the type of metals and adhesive used, to the shape of the antenna.

Our products have all been designed to provide solutions to our dealer partners and end-users.

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