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Become a certified dealer

HeadlightSticker™ has custom built RFID readers to solve the problems integrators face everyday out in the field. The PlugNGo™ long range RFID readers are designed specifically for vehicular and asset tracking.

Not only will your installations take less time, but our Dealer partners face less service calls. And we know quick installations and less service calls equal happy customers.

Add easy-to-install vehicular RFID to your skillset

Vehicular RFID is increasingly popular for commercial and residential entry points. It is to a vehicle what a key fob is to a person.

Get connected


Connect with our ever-growing network of property managers and owners, who will rely on you for professional service and maintenance.

Quality transponders


Invisible, resistant to water, sun damage, and even minor impacts. Access control contractors will benefit from learning how to install these systems.

Cutting-edge technology


Unique, customizable identification, and ineffectiveness upon removal. The preferred form of vehicular entry for high-security locations.

Save time & protect your profit

Save time &
protect your profit

The PlugNGo™ long range RFID reader is ready to go out of the box. There is no additional programming or unnecessary tuning eating away at your labor.

How do I become a dealer?


First, you must be a licensed contractor in your state of operation according to state law.

You’ll also need to be able to install a reader and antenna on-site, which requires basic hand tools and a bit of know-how. (It’s like installing a big keyfob reader.)

Fill out the form below to begin the process of becoming a certified dealer! Subject to verification.

Premier HeadlightSticker™ Dealers enjoy countless benefits

All HeadlightSticker™ products are distributed directly through our network of certified dealers.

Expedited delivery

Orders delivered in 5 to 7 business days, or faster, with next day delivery available.

Branded with YOUR NAME

Every transponder has your name printed on them. Every car becomes an advertisement for your company. Dealers have customization options available to them that no other manufacturer offers.

Preferred pricing

Dealers buy direct from manufacturing which alleviates the costs associated with distribution.

PlugNGo™ Long Range Reader

The robust and all-inclusive, PlugNGo™ Long Range Reader is the combination of the RFID reader and long-range antenna. The reader speaks 26 bit Weigand natively and self adjusts to site conditions.

Forever Warranty*

We will extend the warranty on your PlugNGo™ Long Range RFID reader *with annual per-site minimum of 400 stickers ordered. Ask for details.

Become a certified
HeadlightSticker™ Dealer

Stay on the cutting edge of vehicular access control with the HeadlightSticker™ system! Fill out this short form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to discuss your needs, dealer qualification, and order fulfillment.

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