Become a Certified HeadlightSticker™ Dealer

Become a Certified HeadlightSticker™ Dealer

Become a Certified HeadlightSticker™ Dealer

Become a Certified HeadlightSticker™ Dealer

Don't Use Clickers, Use HeadlightStickers!™

Become a HeadlightSticker™ certified dealer and add easy-to-install vehicular RFID to your skillset.

Vehicular RFID is increasingly popular for commercial and residential entry points. Vehicular RFID is to a vehicle what a key fob is to a person.

As a certified HeadlightStickers™ dealer, you’ll be connected to our ever-growing network of property managers and owners, who will rely on you for professional service and maintenance.

HeadlightStickers™ are invisible, resistant to water, sun damage and even minor impacts. Contractors who work in access control will benefit from learning how to install these systems.

Cutting-edge features, including their unique identification and ineffectiveness upon removal, are making HeadlightStickers™ the preferred form of vehicular entry security for high-end locations.

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How Do I Become A Dealer?

First, you must be a licensed contractor in your state of operation according to state law.

You’ll also need to be able to install a reader and antenna on-site, which requires basic hand tools and a bit of know-how. (It’s like installing a big keyfob reader.)

You will need to mount the antenna and wire the reader to the access controller or relay. The Plug&Go Reader™ is designed for easy installation and doesn’t require a laptop or any programming. 

Fill out the form below to begin the process of becoming a certified dealer! Subject to verification.

Premier HeadlightSticker™ Dealers Enjoy:

  • Expedited Delivery

    Orders delivered in 5 to 7 business days, or faster, with next day delivery available.

  • Free Marketing Support

    Free, custom branded marketing collateral is available as a service to our premier dealers.

  • Preferred Pricing

    Our preferred dealer incentives are unparalleled and scale with your commitment.

  • Plug&Go Reader™

    No more laptops needed for installation. No more complicated antenna calibrations. The reader does it all for you, saving you time and energy during the install.

  • Forever Warranty*

    * With annual per-site minimum of 300 stickers ordered. Ask for details.

Stay on the cutting edge of vehicular access control with the HeadlightSticker™ system! Fill out the short form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to discuss your needs, dealer qualification, and order fulfillment.