Automatic Gate Opener Tech Superior to Today’s Poor Solutions

In Features by Raymond Jackson

How an Automatic Gate Opener Can Work For You

An automatic gate opener is a device that connects to a gate. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a swing gate, slide gate, or a rolling gate. It will automate that gate’s functionality. Meaning that with no human intervention, that gate will open by itself. The beauty of how an automatic gate opener system works is the mechanisms inside.

Now, what powers automatic gate openers are almost always motors and motors are improving. We’ve got brush-less motors that last a long time. If you’re in the market for an automatic gate opener I would recommend a brush-less motor as your best investment. It will power gates to move by themselves, again, with no human intervention.

Automatic Gate Openers Promote Your Safety

The technology around the automatic gate opener has changed a lot over the last few years. Those changes happen in two fundamental areas:

  1. Safety, and
  2. Reliability.

Now, when you think about those two areas, let’s talk about safety first. Automatic gate openers involve a motor that’s moving an object that’s often heavy. Hence why these motors are very powerful. And we all know that with great power comes great responsibility. Thus safety is a huge consideration. A safety system is an inexorable part. This means it’s connected to that automatic gate opener system. So if safety systems malfunction, the gate system will no longer work. The gate will either enter the open position and stay there. Or it won’t open at all because it can’t detect that the area behind the gate is clear.

Automatic Gate Opener

So we want a safety system that works with the automatic gate operator as a cohesive unit, not as a separate system. We don’t want a safety mechanism that a random person can turn off. This reduces the risk of a bypass or a manual power down. Almost every new system that you see must meet the UL 325 specification. Almost everyone embraces that to make sure that those systems are safe.

Automatic Gate Opener Offer Reliability

Second, we talked about reliability. Reliability means that the system will alert us that there is if there is:

  • A system malfunction.
  • If the system is under-performing.
  • The system is operating outside of the manufacturer specifications.

Also, many automatic gate opener systems now have IP connectivity. This prompts an email or text to contact the servicing company, the property owner, or both. This requires immediate action because the causes could be endless. The system could:

  • Overheat,
  • Be beyond its duty cycle, or
  • Be receiving resistance from the gate.

The automatic gate opener can still be operable after an impending failure notification. But it’s good to know for safety purposes that it will fail soon. This allows owners to mitigate as much risk as possible. These recent technologies will make automatic gate opener systems safer and more reliable.

The Best Compliment For Your New Automatic Gate Opener

Headlight Stickers pair well with an automatic gate opener. This is because an automatic gate opener takes input like any other automatic gate device. That input, when it’s closed, triggers the gate. In turn, that input gets triggered by the Headlight Sticker system. Or by the managed access control system, and then that initiates the gate flow.

Most likely you already have some sort of triggering device. You might even have a long-range RFID system in place. My best guess would be a 3M 4100, which was the industry standard for the last four years. 3M decided that they weren’t going to continue manufacturing the 4100 readers. So we’re happy to tell you that our Headlight Sticker reader supports 3M’s 4100 tag base.

Do you have one or two or five or 10,000 3M tags in your facility?

Do you like using the 3M 4100 long-range RFID reader you have been using for years?

I am happy to report that if one of your 4100 readers ever malfunctions. You can swap the 4100 readers with the Headlight Sticker reader. Also, it has back up capabilities. And will run with complete uninterrupted support from your current tag-base.

We’ll continue to supply you with Headlight Sticker tags, which read both. So if somebody is telling you that you need to replace all the 3M 4100 tags that you’ve issued, that’s not true. Because the Headlight Sticker reader supports the 4100 tags.