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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Plug&Go Reader™

Q. How does the Plug&Go Reader™ work?

A. It self adjusts continually based on local wireless site conditions. So where a previous generation RFID reader had to be custom tuned for its specific site, and delicately adjusted as site conditions changed, the Plug&Go Reader™ handles all of that for you.

Q. How does the Plug&Go Reader™ read all of my tags?

A. Easy – it reads everything. It is built to natively read Wiegand protocol RFID devices – the universal language of access control. Access control software is responsible for taking the RFID code and deciding whether or not it represents a valid user.

Q. Can the Plug&Go Reader™ read existing Sirit 4100 tags? 

A. Yes! The Plug&Go Reader™ has nearly universal compatibility. Set it up as a reader in your existing access control software and it will work right away, reading your existing tags.

It’s no secret that production on the Sirit 4100 reader has been discontinued by the manufacturer. When those devices fail, you can’t purchase them new; they must be serviced, which can take weeks. Or you can replace them with the trusty Plug&Go Reader™ which will work with your existing system instantly. It’s a pretty easy choice.

Q. What access control software can I use?

A. Whichever you’d like! The best software is the one you know how to use. If your software is designed to handle keycards, keyfobs, or any other Wiegand-type RFID credential, setting it up to read stickers will be a piece of cake. Contact [email protected] if you’re not sure whether HeadlightSticker™ will work with your system.


Q. Why are HeadlightStickers™ ineffective upon removal? What if someone peels it off?

A. Being ineffective upon removal is a powerful security feature. Access and credential sharing is the most common preventable method of unauthorized access. While some end users may be upset if they try to transfer tags between vehicles, they will also appreciate the peace of mind in knowing that a criminal can’t take the tag from their headlight and use it to gain access to their home or workplace.

We recommend always keeping a few extra stickers on hand for quick resolution in case an end user attempts to remove a sticker, gets a new vehicle, or has their sticker stolen.

Q. What about windshield transponders?

A. We have windshield RFID tags available as well, and they will work the same way as a HeadlightSticker™. But note that windshield tags are generally more difficult to read, because the glass presents a barrier for the signal. Furthermore, it’s far easier to remove sticker residue from the headlight than the inside of a windshield.

Q. What about vehicles with a high amount of radio frequency interference?

A. Some high end vehicles create a lot of wireless interference: particularly driverless cars. The Plug&Go Reader™ is better equipped to successfully read tags on such vehicles, due to its ability to adjust its sensitivity settings on the spot. But we do have larger in-grill transponders available if your customers have concerns.

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  • Forever Warranty*

    *With annual per-site minimum of 300 stickers ordered

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