HeadlightStickers:™ Easy install, semi-transparent vehicular RFID credentials.

Headlight RFID Installation Guide

In Support by Raymond Jackson

HeadlightSticker™ installation is simple enough. But remember that stickers are ineffective upon removal: meaning you have to get it right the first time! 

Follow these easy guidelines for optimal sticker placement.

1. Clean your headlight before applying RFID sticker.

Use window cleaner and a microfiber cloth (so as not to scratch up the headlight.)

Make sure the headlight is dry before proceeding with the installation.

Clean your headlight before installation of RFID HeadlightStickers!™

2. Tag Handling

HeadlightSticker™ RFID tags need to be treated carefully. Bending the tag can lead to reduced performance.

When removing a tag, do not NOT peel the sticker away from the backing. Instead, place the tag face down on a flat surface and pull the backing up, taking care to hold the HeadlightSticker™ flat.

Do not bend the tag in removing it from its backing. This can reduce tag performance.

Do not bend the HeadlightSticker™ as pictured above; this may reduce performance.

The proper way to remove a tag is by holding the sticker straight and peeling away the back paper.

Place the tag face down and hold it straight, then peel the backing away.

3. Installation

Optimal tag placement depends on the following factors:

• Mount the tag at least 2 inches away from metal.
• If possible while maintaining the 2 inch spacing, do not place the tag directly in front of the bulb.
• All other things being equal, mounting the tag in front of the high beam is preferable to the low beam.

Hold the HeadlightSticker™ by the edges and hold it horizontally in place. Press down and smooth out the tag to remove air bubbles.

Note again that after installing a tag, removal will disable the tag.

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