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Is there such a thing as reading too fast? Absolutely!

Don’t overload your access control system with useless reads

RFID technology is used in endless industries, not just in access control. It is a problem when solutions for other industries cause problems in the access control world.

There are industries that need to read a dozen times per second, but when it comes to vehicular access control, once per second is more than enough.

What’s the harm?

Try running an activity report on a reader that reports over a hundred access reads per second after a car sits in front of the reader for 5 minutes. Now, why is the car just sitting there?

Great question! You need to keep in mind the RFID reader will read any transponder it can see and report it back to the access control software. So that driver is sitting there with an invalid transponder waiting to get let in. For whatever the reason, the access control software is flooded with unnecessary data. When computers are overloaded, they slow down – which can be catastrophic at a busy gated entry.

HeadlightSticker™ Readers are purpose built for access control

The PlugNGo™ Long Range and Extended Long Range RFID Readers are purposefully build for vehicular access control. That means we designed the reader to work with industry standard access control systems to aid in installations, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Additionally, the readers work with any access control system. It uses the globally compatible Wiegand 26-bit communication protocol.

Finally, the reader self adjusts based on site conditions for optimal effectiveness. So you can set it and forget it and they’ll integrate with your access control software.

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Don’t use clickers. Use HeadlightStickers™.

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