RFID Reader Benefits and Gate Security Technology

In Features by Raymond Jackson

RFID Reader Purpose

Have you ever heard of an RFID reader? In layman’s terms, it’s a device that talks to and listens from an RFID tag. In vehicular access control applications, the RFID reader transmits a signal. This signal communicates with tags that have a matching battery. That tag uses the energy from the reader to power itself up. And sends back an identifiable code. So an RFID reader accomplishes two things:

  • It talks, and
  • It listens.

Going the Distance

The difference between types of RFID readers is distance. Some RFID readers communicate only over short distances. While some talk medium distances. And some, such as Headlight Stickers, communicate over very long distance. So that reader talks out and listens from Headlight Stickers.

How Headlight Stickers and RFID Readers Interact

RFID readers and Headlight Stickers have a unique relationship. A reader transmits a signal to the Headlight Sticker, which is on the front of a vehicle. That Headlight Sticker receives the released energy, collects it, and then charges itself up. Next, it will relay back the identifiable code.

Now let’s talk about some circumstances where Headlight Stickers don’t work. Let’s get crazy for a second. Say you put a Headlight Sticker on a Corvette with pop-up headlights during the daytime. This won’t work so well. This applies to Headlight Stickers on any vehicle with gigantic brush guards. Such as a Land Rover or a Jeep with obscured headlights. This will interfere with the signal conversation between the reader and the Headlight Sticker. The conversation may experience a disrupt. Then, the reader talks to the sticker and the sticker will relay back to the reader. So, anything that interferes with the conversation will reduce the efficiency of the read range.

RFID Reader

If you live in a community that has these types of vehicles. Then Headlight Stickers may not be the solution for you. In your case your best solution would be either:

  • A hang tag, or
  • A windshield sticker.

Windshield stickers aren’t as hardy as a Headlight Sticker. But they do have a larger form factor. This is because they’re designed to perform best in climate-controlled environments. A suitable example would be the interior of your car.

The Hidden Beauty of an RFID Reader

An RFID reader should be aligned with the stickers used at that particular facility. If you commit to using Headlight Stickers on every vehicle you will have the greatest amount of flexibility. In places that are particularly beautiful, no one wants to have a big RFID reader that’s 7 or 8 feet in the air. Think about a 14-inch by 14-inch antenna that’s in everybody’s face. Nobody wants to deal with that. Humans put so much thought, energy, and happiness into creating beautiful architecture. We want it to be beautiful, too and we know that nobody wants a big, institutional antenna in their face.

Headlight Stickers provide a new opportunity that we didn’t have before. Now we can take that antenna that was 7 or 8 feet in the air. And we can reduce it to a 36-inch level. This guarantees that it won’t be noticeable. 36 inches is often lower than other gate entry devices. Such as a barrier arm operator.

The Headlight Sticker can mount either straight to the front or below that level. Thus, the Headlight Sticker receiver becomes unrecognizable because it blends into the barrier arm structure. This is beneficial for those concerned with architectural appeal. This is how Headlight Stickers provide the flexibility that traditional RFID applications don’t give you.