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The Ups and Downs of implementing

Some common problems when implementing a new RFID system include scalability and training and change management. We have to ask ourselves “who is installing the transponders, when do they need to be installed by, and where does everyone go to do it.” For some, it’s only a handful of vehicles, but for communities with over 1000 homes, this can be a daunting project to take on by themselves. Then how do you keep the system operational? These are important questions to ask so the process is smooth and painless.

HeadlightSticker™ offers implementation services that assists with getting the transponders into the right hands. This can be a one-time installation event, or it can be recurring over a span of time. We have the ability to craft our services to your needs & keep everyone onboarded and trained on the installation process.

Your new RFID system brings numerous benefits, but it can also come with challenges and problems that we can address.

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