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The need for breakthrough stickers not clickers

Stickers not clickers

Use Stickers and ditch the clickers! Legacy clicker technology no longer meets the needs of modern-day customers. It’s time to adopt the newest standard and vehicular access control: HeadlightSticker™ RFID.

The convenience of stickers

They give you a fast, accurate, automated entry control solution. Unlike traditional remotes, headlight stickers identify each vehicle so you can manage access. Also, they’re rendered ineffective upon removal to prevent unauthorized access sharing.

What makes stickers better?

HeadlightStickers™ are almost invisible and can work with any headlight shape. They are waterproof, sun-proof, and impact resistant. All in all, this makes stickers more reliable. Additionally, the reader works with any access control system. It uses the globally compatible Wiegand 26 bit communication protocol.

Finally, the reader self adjusts based on site conditions for optimal effectiveness. So you can set it and forget it and they’ll integrate with your access control software.

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Don’t use clickers. Use HeadlightStickers™.

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