Product description

The reliable alternative to our genuine HeadlightSticker™ RFID transponders is the familiar, sleek Windshield RFID Sticker transponder. Designed to be durable, secure, and unobstructive for interior vehicular application.

Premium Design

  • Antenna’s length and design for optimal read range without interfering with visibility
  • Robust antenna to ensure long distant read range through glass barrier
  • Quality backed by 3 year warranty

  • Battery-free – each sticker is powered with energy from the reader
  • Individually adhered to backing – no more worries about breaking stickers as you peel them off of a roll and put them together
  • Packaged in a box that fits in your desk drawer – no more rolls!

  • Designed to break upon removal to prevent unauthorized transfer or sharing
  • ID printing options available for heightened security
  • 3M adhesive for long lasting hold


2.64" x 1"
915 ± 13 Mhz
26-bit Wiegand
Operating Temperature
-40ºF up to 185ºF
Relative Humidity
30% – 70%
Passive (no battery required)

How to buy

HeadlightSticker™ products are exclusively available through our global network of trusted dealers.


While we provide support to anyone who needs it, we do not sell or distribute directly to end users. That means if you want a genuine  HeadlightSticker™ system, it will need to be installed by a certified dealer.

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